Canada Revenue Agency

Canadian taxes updates, rules and regulations for any registered Canadian business. Online payroll computation

Vendor Permit

How to apply for Vendor Permit when opening a new business

Forms and Publications

Personal and Corporate tax forms, information sheets and guides, Schedules when to file tax, important dates

Corporate Tax Rates

Federal and Provincial tax rates for Canadian Corporations


Workplace safety and Insurance Board for business owners and employees

Tax Tips

Canadian tax laws, RRSP, Investment in Stocks and Bonds, Financial Information on Budgets

Bank of Canada

Monetary policies, currency, inflation news

Statistic Canada

Current Economic GDP,CPI, Unemployment values

Finance Canada

Budgets, tariff and tax policies

Human Resource Canada

Labor Programs and work related policies

Investment Calculator

Effects of inflation on investment and savings

Car Lease or Buy Calculator

Comparison between lease or buy out for a specific time period